Sat Yoga Friday Film Series

In our Tuesday night filme series, we plan to show a wide variety of high-quality documentaries and feature films relating to the issues of greatest interest to those on the path of healing, psycho-spiritual development, and global understanding. The films we will show this month are designed to supplement our studies of art, physics, evolutionary theory, and ufology, among others. They convey extremely important information relevant to expanding your intellect, and we hope you will attend in order to gain the deepest comprehension of these matters possible. As always, there will be a discussion period after the films are screened, so we may recapitulate what has been learned and share insights from our own experience.


Because the Sat Yoga Institute is itself in a funding crisis, we appreciate all donations that you feel moved to give. Most of the films we are showing had to be purchased online and shipped here at our expense. This has been true of all the many films we showed on Wild Card nights in previous years. But now we are running out of money in our budget to continue. If people are unwilling to support these educational projects, then we will have to cut back on such offerings in the future. Even to show films that we acquire for free involves a great deal of energy and time on the part of our volunteers and teachers, and we can only do this for so long without having to make different choices, unless the community as a whole is willing to come forward with more generous contributions. Thank you for your willingness to support this unique transformational institute.

Thank you and Namaste.
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