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Father’s Day Special: Shunyamurti Movie Night Essay

On Saturday nights, the Sat Yoga Ashram turns into the Sat Yoga Cinémathèque, perhaps the greatest art house cinema this side of Holy Wood. From Tarkovsky to Kubrick, from Bresson to […]

Meditation: Discovery of your Innermost Self

“Until you have found your own truth, the Real that is your innermost being, you will be lost and dependent on the opinions of others and the validation of others, […]

Ramadan Yoga: Abide in the Cave of the Heart

A very special teaching from Shunyamurti on the yogic significance of Ramadan “The significance of the act of Mohammed represents the activity of Yoga in itself, that it is a […]

Cultivating the Wisdom of the Heart

Shunyamurti explains that people come to yoga in order to overcome suffering, but stay in the circuit of desire despite the knowledge that it is futile; nothing lasts forever nor […]

To Be Or Not To Be – That Is The Struggle

“To be or not to be: That is the struggle; it is not just a question. The question is only the very beginning. The struggle is between appearance and Being. And […]

The Core Difference Between Eastern & Western Religions

Shunyamurti describes the differences between the Western and Eastern approaches of the spiritual journey, how they were each adapted to the ego structure that was prevalent in their cultures, highlighting […]

The Significance of Easter

What is the true significance of Easter? Does it have any meaning or importance for us today?  In this teaching, Shunyamurti discusses the metaphor of Easter and how to make use […]

New Shunyamurti Guided Meditation

Enter a deep state of relaxation as Shunyamurti takes you on an extraordinary journey in this guided meditation . Download the mp3 here    

Come out of Ignorance and Stop Suffering!

“All we have to do is to stop ignoring that we are ignoring what we know already and have always known. That reveals to us it’s true essence simply through […]

Why Positive Affirmations Don’t Work

In this response to a student’s inquiry, Shunyamurti discusses why positive affirmations don’t work and how one must enter into meditative silence and face the inner demons in order to […]