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The Core Difference Between Eastern & Western Religions

Shunyamurti describes the differences between the Western and Eastern approaches of the spiritual journey, how they were each adapted to the ego structure that was prevalent in their cultures, highlighting […]

The Flower Gardens of The Sat Yoga Ashram

Flower, Shakti’s feminine power, the elixir that animates the sensuous realm for the soul to drink. Divine fragrant sap zaps the dullness of ego existence into imperience*: The flower is […]

The Melodie of Destiny Calls Two Travelers Home

Last weekend the Sat Yoga Ashram welcomed two returning friends and previous retreatants from Mexico and Belgium who visited us with their daughter, Melodie, seeking to reconnect and to learn […]

The Status of Knowledge ~ A Response to Rick Archer

Since Shunyamurti’s interview with Rick Archer on Buddha at the Gas Pump, the two have continued a correspondence via email. Their conversation has been far reaching and included a profound […]

Shunyamurti & Shri Amrit Desai – A Joint Satsang

We share with you this priceless treat of listening to a dialogue between Amritji and Shunyamurti on the esoteric significance of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The profound exchanges between […]

Buddha at the Gas Pump ~ Shunyamurti Interview

Watch Shunyamurti interviewed on Buddha at the Gas Pump, Rick Archer’s long running and very popular online show dedicated to the exploration of spiritual awakening. Don’t miss this dynamic conversation that reaches from […]

Renowned Yogi Sri Amrit Desai Visits Shunyamurti

The Sat Yoga Ashram was honored to receive a visit recently by one of the great legendary yogacharyas of our time. Sri Amrit Desai came to Arunachala to speak privately […]

The Place of Unconditional Love ~ A tribute to Leonard Cohen from Shunyamurti

At this time of the passing of our beloved brother Leonard Cohen, I would like to offer his soul a blessing for redemption, and to be received into the loving […]

Chekhov Season at Arunachala

Anton Chekhov in 1887 at the age of 27  tod On Saturday, July 23, Shunyamurti officially     inaugurated a season celebrating the work of  Anton Chekhov, with a screening […]

Mary Satya’s Poem – Abyss and Pleroma Retreat