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The Skin Ego ~ New Shunyamurti Teaching

Understand the psychological reasons why we are addicted to a virtual, superficial reality.  “The skin becomes the center of consciousness at a certain moment when the child is about to go through weening, […]

Offering a Vision of a Sustainable Life: Local High Schools’ Visit

An important part of our work is offering a vision of a sustainable life. As part of this ongoing effort especially within the local community, we recently received two student […]

Encountering Mahakal

In anticipation of our upcoming Meditation Weekend, Septeber 15 – 17, 2017, Shnyamurti has written this extraordinary text.   At moments in very deep meditation, or in certain traumatic passages […]

The Thin Red Line: Shunyamurti Movie Night Essay

On Saturday nights, the Sat Yoga Ashram turns into the Sat Yoga Cinémathèque, perhaps the greatest art house cinema this side of Holy Wood. From Tarkovsky to Kubrick, from Bresson to […]

Radha Ma’s Recipes: Classic Egg Salad

From Radha Ma’s inspirational new book, Radha Ma’s Recipes for a New Sat Renaissance, we offer you the exquisite recipe for the Classic Egg Salad.           […]

The Transfiguration of Ishtar by Shunyamurti

Queen of the Night, British Museum, Old Babylonian, Circa 1800 BCE Today being Easter Sunday, it seems appropriate to discuss the esoteric meaning of this holy moment for purposes of […]

Sat Brigade: To the Rescue!

This Ain’t No Rescue Fantasy… For the past six months, Carlos Hidalgo, Sat Yoga’s health and safety consultant, has been training a group of Sat Yogis to act as an […]

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The Flower Gardens of The Sat Yoga Ashram

Flower, Shakti’s feminine power, the elixir that animates the sensuous realm for the soul to drink. Divine fragrant sap zaps the dullness of ego existence into imperience*: The flower is […]

The Melodie of Destiny Calls Two Travelers Home

Last weekend the Sat Yoga Ashram welcomed two returning friends and previous retreatants from Mexico and Belgium who visited us with their daughter, Melodie, seeking to reconnect and to learn […]