Critique of Poor Reason

To counter this lethal tendency of the illusory ego, all that is required is a correct use of reason. A simple version of such reasoning might go as follows:

1.    All thoughts and emotions occur in consciousness.
2.    Consciousness therefore precedes thought and emotion.
3.    The real Self must be pure consciousness, free of thought and emotion.
4.    Thus, simply through the method of holding thoughts in abeyance, and abiding in inner silence, the Self will be self-revealed.

Once the presence of the Self is established by such appropriate employment of reason, the next step is simply to drop the instrument of reason, which has completed its work, and pick up the instrument of will, using it to command the thoughts to cease, while remaining focused on and as pure naked awareness. Self-realization will emerge naturally and easily, in no time at all. In fact, it will become clear that there is no time—but the Present.

The Self recognizes Itself as non-objective, self-luminous, blissful fullness. Once the Self is realized, the illusions of ego, world, suffering, time, space, and difference drop away forever. All apparent multiplicity is recognized as the manifestation of the One. All is the same radiant Self. You are That. You have always been only That. All is permeated by divine love. No suffering ever was. No thing ever was. The Self is eternally free, joyous, and boundless.



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