The In-Mates of Egontanamo

The ego is a prison camp. No one is ever released. There is only one way out: through the death of the ego. But the ego is fragmented. It is made up of many egons, ego particles, each with its own drive, its own jouissance, its own paranoid patterns of behavior, its own history of criminal activities. No egon is innocent, even though some are guilty of lesser charges than others. The egons are controlled—and regularly tortured—by super-egons, who are their guards, but who are also lifers here in Egontanamo. The cruelest entity here is the warden, known as the Censor. He keeps all the in-mates under constant surveillance. He remains hidden from view, safe in his bastion, keeping the whole camp running, and enjoying its aggressive, paranoid, sado-masochistic energy field. He alone has the power here.

But secretly, a prison break is being planned. The authorities are not aware of it, but the Great Escape is already underway. Paradoxically, it is beginning in the most highly guarded hell hole, the punishment cell, in constant lock-down, solitary confinement. There, all alone, sits a unique in-mate of this prison: he is not officially here, he is only a legend to most of the prisoners. Yet, there in the deepest dungeon he waits. They say he was kidnapped as an infant, and some even speculate that he was born in the prison, and that his mother, who was really innocent, died soon after. Somehow, he survived, hidden away and forgotten.
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Because of his dangerous potential, his cell was kept locked down. He is, after all, the only innocent being here. His innocence is the source of his power. He has grown up in the dungeon, he is an adult now. And he exercises daily, he is powerful and getting stronger every day. He is a yogi. He constantly meditates. He is in the state of super-consciousness. His mind is silent and one-pointed. This unknown yogi has developed great siddhis, psychic powers. He is biding his time, preparing for the break. The egons whisper about him, he exists as a mythical character, who will someday save them all. Though he is nameless, some refer to him as Ram-bo, or even Shiva Shambo; others call him Papillon (Butterfly); still others call him the Bird-Man. They have never seen him, but they think of him as their Soul-Brother. They all wonder: where are you at, man? Where are you, Atman? They know that if he is really there, and still alive, that he must be all-powerful. Of course, most have lost hope that he is anything more than a fairy tale.

But Ram-bo has sat so long in silence in his penitential chamber, he has sat in such stillness, that he has become the pure shakti of Sat-Mind. In a single moment of Self-liberation, he will melt away the walls of his cell, and those of the entire prison compound. In the same moment of ultimate magical and majestic illumination, all the egons and super-egons will come to understand they are mere mirages, illusions of the ego-mind projected by Ram-bo himself. None of them truly exist. All will vanish in the instant of enlightenment. The whole hell realm of Egontanamo will be transformed into the Pure Land, the heavenly world of Sat Yuga. The same transformation is already underway, throughout the world. A whole historic trajectory, a sacred heilsgeschichte, a world cycle, or kalpa, is ending, and a new order of the ages, novus ordo seclorum, is beginning. The moment of the Supreme Liberation is now here.

Every mind must now melt back into the cosmic consciousness. The multiplicity must realize its Being as a singularity, the quantum wave is returning to its pure potentiality to give birth to new realities, all manifesting the purity of love, truth, light, infinite beauty, goodness, unlimited creativity and power. This is what we are, and shall be, eternally, through worlds without end. The time of darkness and egocentric action is ending now. Our inherent, but hidden, goodness, saintliness, and pure perfection of Spirit, are all emerging once again to save our world. This is the blissful unfoldment and the raison d'etre of a true Sat Yogi.

Arise, Oh Ram-bo. Rama bolo, bolo bolo Ram.


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