What is the Practical Benefit of Sat Yoga?

What is Sat Yoga and how do I know if I am interested in it?

1. The first problem is in describing Sat Yoga. There are some things that can be described; some that cannot be; some that can be described, but only to someone who has had the same kind of experiences; and some things that can be described only after they have been seen by someone else with the right experience. Sat Yoga is in all four categories, and helps people deal with issues that are in all four categories.
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2. There are some things that are true if you believe them; other things that are not true, even if you believe them; yet others that can become true, if you believe them. And there are some things that one cannot stop believing, even though they are not true—and some things one cannot stop believing even though one knows perfectly well they are not true. Sat Yoga can help with all those kinds of things; sometimes all the help one needs is to know which kind of thing it is that one is dealing with.

3. There are some problems you may have for which there is someone you can call to help you deal with it; there are some problems for which there is no one to call; there are some problems that you do not consider problems, but everyone else in your life does; there are some problems that only a place like the Sat Yoga Institute could help you solve; and there are some problems you only realize you have, after you have come to Sat Yoga. For some people, it is even worse: there are some problems you only realize you have, after your wife has come to Sat Yoga (or your daughter, or son, or husband, etc.)

4. The basic problem is that reality itself is very difficult to understand or to master. When your problem is your relationship to reality itself, rather than to some objective aspect of it, it is very difficult to get help, if only because all help seems to come from reality itself, and if your problem is with reality, then you may not want its help. Sat Yoga may be of some use here, since we refer people to a source of help that is not located in reality. In fact, in some important ways, Sat Yoga is out of touch with reality. Because we are committed to remain unconvinced by reality, rather than forcing yet another reality on you, we may be able to help you also escape the clutches of reality. Of course, one's problem is usually that one has already tried to escape reality, and it has not worked, but only led to a more unpleasant reality. We offer an escape from reality that is actually quite blissful, and completely foolproof—and on top of that, it actually helps you cope with reality.

5. The reality is that there is no reality, not only because reality is constantly changing, but also because it can be seen from an infinite number of angles and it appears different from each one. But even the reality of the unreality of reality is not reality from some angles, and in some aspects. All this can seem confusing and out of control, but in fact once you recognize that you too are beyond the jurisdiction of reality in some important ways, reality becomes much more manageable, and more enjoyable. The goal of Sat Yoga is to help you realize the maximal amount of freedom in your relationship with reality.

6. Our method is to invite you to step outside reality, as well as to step deeper into reality, which often amount to the same thing. Sometimes we help you to realize that you are already outside reality; sometimes you may discover that you have never been in reality; sometimes that you have outgrown your reality; and sometimes we help you see that reality is a crutch that you no longer need. Sometimes reality is actually a pair of wings that can help you fly beyond reality.

7. Since the goal of Sat Yoga is to help you realize that you are already free, you have no need of Sat Yoga. We don't want anyone to think they need Sat Yoga. The only reason to hang out at Sat Yoga is because it is magical. If you like magic, and want to live in a magical world, then Sat Yoga could be very interesting to you.
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