Aliens, Angels, Apocalypse: An Advaita Perspective

To understand the true significance of the extraordinary world events that are unfolding around us, we must activate what Sat Yogis call our buddhi, our capacity for multidimensional integrative intelligence. When we do that, we become buddhas. Buddhas have access to the omniscient wisdom of the Akashic dimension and its unlimited storehouse of information. We need that information now, and thus we need to realize our buddha-nature, if we are to navigate accurately through these apocalyptic times.

Yoga is the original science of consciousness. It was far ahead of our current materialist pseudo-science of consciousness, the one that is looking futilely at our neurons and synapses to find the meaning and source of consciousness. Modern science is a joke when it comes to consciousness. And since everything eventually comes to consciousness, modern sciences, other than physics, are of little help to us. The scientistic mindset remains determined to deny teleology, God, and the Akashic records (or the Alaya-Vigyana in Buddhist terminology), or any other concept that would enable us to grok the fact that we are caught in a spacetime vortex that is bringing a rapid end to the world as we have known it and hurling us into a new phase and level of existence. Since the velocity of the vortex is accelerating at a mind-boggling rate, we must activate our buddhi now, while it is still possible to do so, to have an influence on the outcome of this trans-cosmic event, so that we can arrange to get spit out into a new world that is worth living in. Few of us realize the real nature of our power to influence events. This is also a result of our indoctrination into a materialist culture that is clueless regarding consciousness. So the study of the original science of consciousness, sat yoga, is essential.

By the way, the term yoga has been degraded in these end times of kali yuga to refer to a form of physical exercise. None of what currently goes under the name of yoga, which focuses on asanas and pranayamas (stretching and balance poses plus breathing techniques) was part of the original yogic science. The original form of yoga focused on the development and use of our capacity of attention in order to discover the ground of Being, referred to in Sanskrit as Sat. Once consciousness merges in Sat (which is also another name for God-consciousness), many other powers, or siddhis, can be attained. These correspond to the same attributes that physicists have discovered to function at the quantum level of reality, such as interconnectivity, the capacity to be in more than one place at a time, to convert from particle to wave form, the capacity to transcend time, and to perceive the dimension of eternity that permeates time (realizing the unity of samsara and nirvana, as the later Buddhist yogis would put it), and so on.

The immersion in Sat, a state known as Samadhi, is the goal of authentic yoga. This achievement of Sat-mind comes with the side-benefits of chit and ananda (divine intelligence and the bliss of infinite love). So it is worth the effort to become a Sat Yogi, since it is the key to happiness, wisdom, and ultimate redemption. By the way, all the current religions began as schools of Sat Yoga, but gradually, as these schools became politically powerful, they were infiltrated and co-opted by human egos with lower agendas, and eventually they were reduced to the condition of fossils, caricatures of their original form, and dogmatized into media of social control.

After the above excursus, let us return to our main topic. To re-establish the science of consciousness for the postmodern mind, which has been reduced to a condition of attention deficit disorder and thus cannot practice Sat Yoga effectively, we can still awaken and activate the buddhi by examining two well-known phenomena that have been conclusively established as real—even though mainstream scientists largely steer clear of both, fearing punishment by the inquisitors of the scientific establishment.

The first phenomenon is what has come to be called near death experiences, or NDEs. In fact, this name is inaccurate, since it occurs to people who are not just near death, but who are fully and truly dead, clinically speaking, but whose death is aborted, thanks largely to the modern resuscitation technology available in emergency rooms. So let us call these aborted death experiences, or ADEs. There are so many cases of this phenomenon reported that it cannot be denied. Moreover, it cannot be explained away as a mere hallucinatory product of lack of oxygen in the brain, or any other such materialistic neurological account, since the returnee from death is coolly able to report observations made during the first stage of the ADE. This stage is the initial out-of-body experience. The soul-bearing subtle body (sukshma sharira in Sanskrit) pops out of the gross physical organism and finds that it can move at will, free of gravity, wherever it wishes. The subtle entity often wanders around the hospital, overhears conversations going on in different rooms, discovers interesting objects, and sometimes watches with amusement all the efforts being made to resuscitate its physical vehicle. Later, after the death process has been aborted, the subjects will report on what they observed during their deaths, and this information has been found to be amazingly accurate. No merely hallucinatory brain event could produce such hard data.

In the second stage of the ADE, the subjects enter a wormhole and are carried up, sometimes with the help of angels, into a higher dimension, where they encounter the Great Light. They receive from angelic guidance counselors a life review, a kind of report card on how they have been doing in the school of life so far, and a great deal of higher wisdom, as well as heart-melting supreme love, and are opened to a much more integrative vision of the meaning of it all. When they are sent back into the physical plane to continue with their lives, they are often disappointed and even traumatized at having to return to this primitive plane of lower consciousness and lack of love.

The Aborted Death Experience is clearly real, more real than life itself. It proves a number of things to us, if we are willing to let its reality sink in. One is that death is not the end. We are in a long-term process of life-death-and-rebirth. The wheel of rebirth is intended as a developmental process, in which we are to refine our consciousness until we are ready to graduate from this cosmic gear-wheel and enter higher levels of Being. So there should be no fear of death. We have been there, done that, countless times. Second, it proves that our world is governed by a supreme intelligence Who is motivated by love, and that angelic presences are here with us, subtly guiding us, if we will accept this assistance. Third, it means that our current conventional values are completely out of alignment with the nature of reality, and this is the underlying reason for our current troubles in this world. We have been committing too much bad karma. We have sown the wind, and are reaping the whirlwind, as another yogic lineage puts it. Fourth, the capacities that we realize that we have at the moment of death we have now. We can learn to use them now, while we are still alive. But to do this, we must become dedicated scientists of consciousness, or Sat Yogis.

The second phenomenon we must understand is that of extraterrestrial intervention on our planet. This, too, is common knowledge, and the reality of the phenomenon has been overwhelmingly proved by evidence that is scientifically solid. This includes reams of testimony by the highest level of trained observers, unambiguous photographic evidence, and even hard physical evidence. But the ruling political powers do not yet want to recognize this reality, and thus it is still ridiculed by the major media and mainstream pseudo-authorities. If you do not yet recognize this fact, please do your due diligence regarding this urgent matter. It is true that there is a lot of disinformation out there on this topic, but the generally recognized core group of credible scientific researchers of this phenomenon is in agreement as to most of the central propositions of what has come to be called ufology.

By the way, that term is clearly obsolete, since we are no longer dealing only with unidentified flying objects, but with intelligent beings who are abducting and tracking people and performing various kinds of biological and psychic procedures, who are making extraordinary interventions in human military and political affairs, and who have apparently established secret underground and underwater bases on this planet, as well as on the moon and other nearby planets. (All this has been reported by astronauts who have had close encounters in outer space, and by other individuals with privileged positions in the military-industrial establishments with top secrecy clearances. It has been reported from so many people, from so many parts of the world, that the general contours of this phenomenon cannot be doubted.) Some have given this field the name exopolitics. But far more than politics is involved. And since we seek to integrate what we know of the reality of resident aliens with what we know about the reality of God and of angels, and the reality that we are in a turbulent planetary vortex leading from one world-historic era to another, it would be useful to place all of these phenomena into a single paradigm that will be referred to here as trans-cosmic relations.

By the way, the precognition noted in the Mayan calendar that this would be the cusp between one cosmic time cycle and another is not so difficult to understand when we recognize that some of the same extraterrestrials that have returned in modern times were the very ones who devised the Mayan calendar in the first place. The assistance of non-Earthling technology in designing and building the megaliths of the ancient world in both hemispheres is well known, as is the extraordinary level of astronomical and geophysical knowledge that was present and later lost. The problem of how the same archetypal forms of architecture and scientific knowledge, including the knowledge of the destiny of humanity, got disseminated worldwide is solved once we recognize that the authors of those texts written in stone are the ones now fulfilling their own prophecies.

Those who have achieved immersion in an interdimensional samadhi as a result of disciplined meditative practice, as well as those who have had such experiences with the aid of tryptamines, realize that the whole universe is alive. Life is not limited to vegetables, animals, and extraterrestrial life forms. The rocks are alive. The wind is alive. The whole Earth is alive. There are elementals, nature sprites, orbs, chthonic powers, daimons, wandering earthbound spirits, poltergeists, interdimensional portal keepers, prosaic entities of the unconscious, archetypal epiphanies, all the monsters from the id, and on and on. The variety of actants in this boundless multiverse is limitless. And all these diverse forces and forms compose a single whole. The realization of the ultimate nondual nature of the Real is known in Sanskrit as Advaita. Only when we learn to perceive all forms and beings from the inner space of emptiness (shunyata) in which the subject/object binary collapses into oneness, and the oneness into the zero point of the Supreme Self, can the unity of all that is be actualized and permeated by the irresistible power of infinite love. In this transformation of consciousness, the aliens will be recognized as (or transformed into) luminous angels, and this apocalyptic period clearly perceived as the birthing of the new kingdom of heaven.

To bring about the most auspicious outcome of this moment—a historic moment that amounts to the trial and final judgment of our human soul nature—our complete and utter surrender of ego and attention to the presence of the God-Self within is essential to activate the majestic experience of birth into the bliss of Absolute awareness. This alone will optimize the outcome on the global planetary level for our species and for trans-cosmic relations as a whole. To achieve this shift of consciousness, we must jettison all lesser identifications. We must renounce our Earth-centric and human-centric views, let alone our even more petty and paranoid ethnocentric, nationalistic, materialistic and capitalistic ideologies.

Ironically, so many people are obsessed with the pseudo-problem of “illegal aliens” entering their countries that they cannot see that they have been occupied by, and are about to be dispossessed by, far more advanced aliens than the poor fellow human immigrants they are complaining about. But beyond letting go of our egocentric prejudices, we must let go of the ego itself, and realize our essence as the pure consciousness that underlies, permeates, and manifests as the entire phenomenal reality. We must also make sure that this knowledge is not misused to create oppressive cults or other forms of mind control, but to enable liberation from all constraints on the human capacity for growth and development of consciousness toward its natural fulfillment. This is why there must be a fundamental ethical commitment to ahimsa, non-violence, and to a life of virtue, of simplicity, equality, and humility. This is how we can fully join in God’s play with the power of manifestation, the Great Lila of Shiva and Shakti.

The sooner we join together in communities of true yogis, and enter into holy communion with the One Supreme Consciousness, and invite the extraterrestrial children of God into our communes to commune with us as a single family of angelic manifestations of Allah, the sooner and the easier will be our birth into the next Sat Yuga. May your angelic core nature emerge from its human husk. May your profound connection with all beings terrestrial and extraterrestrial be apperceived. May you be liberated into the Supernal Light of blissful omniscience.


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