Welcome to the Sat Yoga Institute. If you are looking for a refuge from the chaos and negativity, both internal and external; if you are seeking a place of peace and hope, of spiritual fellowship and love; if you wish to study in a wisdom school that integrates the highest Eastern and Western traditions; then you may have just discovered your spiritual home....

The Sat Yoga Institute provides a safe and welcoming place to meditate…our meditation sittings are offered two times a day on most weekdays, to meet your scheduling needs…plus, we offer monthly weekend meditation intensives and ongoing groups for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels…

The Sat Yoga Institute is a place to learn…we offer classes nearly every night of the week, in such subjects as esoteric knowledge, or gnosis; the development of the capacity for divine love and compassion; insights to help you enhance your relationships, raise children, and cope with all the challenges of life; methods for overcoming inner conflicts, depression and anxiety, and psychosomatic symptoms…and we offer wonderful films to watch and talk about together; profound books to read and discuss; joyful singing groups; hatha yoga; creative writing; delicious and healthful cooking classes; and other group processes to encourage healing, insight, and transformation…

The Sat Yoga Institute is a vibrant spiritual community–one that protects your individual freedom to approach your inner journey in your own way, to move at your own pace in your own direction, as you feel called from within. The ancient science of Sat Yoga is an approach to the discovery of your Essence, a path of meditative serenity, and a practice of inner transmutation of the ego, in order to achieve the supreme beatitude of liberation in life.

Why is Sat Yoga a Free Transformational University?

The Sat Yoga philosophy calls for the free dissemination of spiritual wisdom to everyone who is morally, intellectually, and emotionally ready and willing to undertake the process of spiritual transformation. Money should be no obstacle to the fulfillment of anyone’s authentic call to live a life of self-purification and union with the Absolute (regardless of whether the Supreme Being is conceived of as a personal God or a transpersonal Presence, Intelligence, or Principle). This has always been the philosophy of true religion, throughout the world.

Sat Yoga is the practice of true spirituality. The Sat Yoga Institute is secular and open to all. It does not require conversion from any religion in which one has faith, but rather the attainment of the ultimate goal of that religion, whether it be Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, or any other authentic spiritual path. The goal may be referred to as salvation, liberation, redemption, realization, ascension, or any similar term. The intention of the Sat Yoga Institute is to assist in the achievement of that highest aim. We do so by providing a space for the practice of meditation and contemplative prayer; classes for the study of comparative theology, philosophy, and approaches to spirituality; classes in which to study and overcome the internal obstacles to transcendence of the false self; methods for augmenting virtues and spiritual capacities, such as compassion and wisdom; healing circles and study groups; and the option of ongoing individual spiritual guidance.

The Sat Yoga Institute is not endowed by any government, corporation, foundation, church, or wealthy individuals. We operate on a basic budget. All our regularly scheduled classes are free of charge, but in order to make sure we can pay our bills and thus continue to serve, we offer special events in which we ask for suggested donations. But people without means are invited to attend these as well without charge or for smaller donations of their choosing. The only fee that is required is for optional individual transformation sessions with the Director or co-director of the Institute. This source of funding is still essential to the continuing operation of the Institute.

The bottom line is that we depend on the generosity of our students to keep the Sat Yoga Institute alive. Your love offerings are received with gratitude. Whatever contributions you make will be used to maintain and improve the high quality of our teaching and our facilities, to acquire additional educational resources, and with God’s help, to continue to develop our ashram for spiritual retreats and advance our self-sustaining, ecologically accurate, agriculturally-based spiritual community, to serve Nature and Spirit in the highest way possible. Click here to contribute to our mission.

We invite your further inquiry, if you are interested in participating in the Sat Yoga Vision.

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