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I would like to thank you Shunyamurti
For shining your light so bright
And showing us the way, to enjoy the many
Blessings of each day.
I have been on the journey of revealing my Godself
For twenty five years, and in this time have shed a
River of tears, slowly releasing my egos resistance
To my true-self.
It has been a painful and glorious journey at the same
Time, as duality I have often risen above and been
Blessed with the Divine essence of the Peace Dove.
It has been a rather lonely journey for me, releasing
All attachments to people and material wealth.
So the truth and wisdom of your words are helping me
Release any remaining defences I have to liberation,
For God is the only way I will to be.
There are still obstacles that stand in my way, from
Living in your loving community each and everyday.
Although in my heart shines a light ever bright knowing
That this is a possibility, to live that way forever present
In each moment every day.
To live in holy reverence with all that is, constantly
Resonating with all that is fully divine, embraced in Gods
Love where exists neither time or space.
I live on the other side of the world, and it is my one and
Only wish to live in Peace and Harmony.
So thank you, thank you, thank you, Shunyamurti with all
That I am for sharing your sweet Bliss.
Your words are like liquid gold to my being, for you
Are showing me all I believed possible for such a long
Time, I have had to disperse my ego into dust, so in my
Heart can live only trust.



I choose to surrender completely to God's will.
I spend many hours a day being quiet and still,
Sometimes I cannot help but wonder why it has been such
A lone journey for me, I guess this was the only way
I could set myself free.
Now I know there is a community on the other side of
The world, that lives aligned with God's truth, oh blessed are thee!
My heart races and blood courses through my veins with the pure
Joy of knowing one day it is possible to live my complete truth
Without distraction of guilt.
Oh thank you Dear Lord for Shunyamurti for him having the discipline
And strength to follow his truth so now he can share with us his
Holy nector, with sweet fragrance dancing all around him.
I close my eyes and listen to his words with my heart and feel it
Open wide as the tears gently slide down my face, in the all knowing
That I am Bliss and Divine Grace.

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