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Wednesday, 08 February 2012 11:03


I would like to thank you Shunyamurti
For shining your light so bright
And showing us the way, to enjoy the many
Blessings of each day.
I have been on the journey of revealing my Godself
For twenty five years, and in this time have shed a
River of tears, slowly releasing my egos resistance
To my true-self.
Wednesday, 13 July 2011 15:58

I Bow to You All

To all at Sat Yoga.

My heart is in absolute rapture with all that you so tirelessly, devotedly, willingly, selflessly, lovingly and humbly have developed at the bountiful ashram site. It is a rare and pristine jewel, each facet of which so gloriously reflects the depth of each of your soul's service and devotion to God.

I bow to you all,



Dear Sir,

I have been following your videos and essay for sometime now.

I cannot appreciate enough the expansiveness and brilliance of your topics and what it means to humanity in general.

I hope rishis and yogis like you will guide humanity through these apocalyptic times.

May be one day I will be lucky enough to visit your ashram in Costa Rica.

Thank you

Rajiv Paliath


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