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The Sat Yoga Institute is a free educational center located in the charming hillside community of Escazú, just minutes away from San José, Costa Rica.

The Institute is dedicated to the complementary goals of philosophical and psychospiritual research; professional training; individual psychospiritual guidance, healing, and teaching; couple and family education, including childraising education; and consulting in the field of organizational transformation.

The Sat Yoga Institute offers a synthesis of what is common to, and implicit in, the teachings of all the world’s spiritual traditions, beginning with the ancient teachings of Yoga that go back to the beginnings of human history. These teachings are offered in a format that makes clear their congruence with the insights of contemporary science as well as the fields of depth psychology and psychoanalysis.

The Sat Yoga Institute has been functioning in Costa Rica since 2002, with the intention of gradually building a true spiritual community, and acquiring land for an ashram and sustainable eco-village in some part of this extraordinary country where the natural ecology and biodiversity and serene natural beauty can be preserved as a refuge not only for nature but for the fulfillment of our divine potentiality.

Our Institute also hopes to complete a number of other spiritual projects aimed at contributing to the spiritual transformation of human consciousness as a whole. On the macro-level, these projects are all part of our overall intention to help birth a renaissance of planetary culture on the basis of the collective realization of our transcendent oneness, by providing training worldwide in Self-realization, the overcoming of narcissism and egocentricity, and the concomitant development of greater compassion, harmony, wisdom, healing energy, and creativity throughout all human relationships.

  • The acquisition of a ‘permanent’ urban headquarter to function as educational and cultural center for the development of altruism
  • The building of a rural sustainable ecological and spiritual retreat center, ashram, and community
  • The development of a model K-12 school based on the principles of the Sat Yoga philosophy—which can be thought of as the perennial philosophy of nonduality synthesized with the contemporary insights into the place of humans in the web of life; the understanding of the essential nature of relationality and the dynamics of the human unconscious; and the role these play in our psycho-spiritual development
  • The publication of books that explain the Sat Yoga philosophy and disseminate the psychotechnology that can enable people everywhere to attain liberation from the pathologies of the modern ego
  • The development of free spiritual clinics in as many parts of the world as possible, to undertake the vast project of social development based on consciousness liberated from egocentricity.

We appreciate any help you can offer toward the success of these ambitious transformational projects. If you would like to become part of our community, you are welcome to join us.

If you are interested in making a contribution to this community or to any of these projects, please click here.

All contributions are thankfully received and will be put to the highest use.

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