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The Sat Yoga Institute, located in Escazú, a suburb of San José, Costa Rica, is the global headquarters for the study of Sat Yoga. It is modeled on the ancient schools of Yoga that arose in India thousands of years ago, and the mystery schools of ancient Greece that perpetuated the same science of consciousness. There is a through-line from those institutions to the first universities in Europe, dedicated to the arts of liberation. Today, the arts of liberation are no longer studied in universities, except in their reduced form as the so-called liberal arts. Spiritual liberation is no longer a goal of education in the contemporary world. Therefore, there is a need to revive the kind of school that studies the transformational sciences and is dedicated to human psychospiritual liberation.

The Sat Yoga Institute is such a school. It is not a sect or a cult. It functions at a very high level of intellectual sophistication. It could be considered a special kind of post-graduate educational institute dedicated to training spiritual guides, conducting ongoing research in the science of consciousness, and developing a higher type of human community that can endure through the travails the world is going through in this period of history.

The curriculum of the Sat Yoga Institute is an integration and synthesis of the totality of human knowledge. At the psycho-spiritual level, a new discipline has been created, called Atmanology. Atmanology supersedes and integrates such fields as psychology and psychoanalysis, pastoral counseling, transpersonal studies, phenomenology, deconstruction, Lacanian theory, and Jungian analysis into a greater context and a more adequate paradigm. The insights of quantum physics, information theory, semiotics, higher mathematics and logic, together with the ancient understandings of higher consciousness are organized into a theory and an established practice that are aimed at achieving human transformation.

From quantum physics, we learn that uncertainty, free will, is primary, and law is secondary. We also learn that we are all interconnected. We learn that there can be synchronicity, or non-causal action at a distance, with no limitations of time or space. We learn that the concept of matter is a myth; that matter derives from light; and that light is the reciprocal of intelligent awareness. We learn much more, including that the universe is only apparent, rather than real—a temporary collapse of the primordial quantum wave, that can be de-collapsed when a critical level of conscious energy is reached and appropriately focused. We also learn much about the curvable nature of time and space, giving us the power to understand the possibility of divine action within our universe, and how to bend time back upon itself.

sat_yoga_seminar_2012There are many more things being suggested by quantum physics, too many to mention or clarify in this introductory text. The extraordinary paradigm shifts in physics, since the papers on relativity written by Einstein in 1905, have opened a portal to higher dimensions, and to the rational acceptance of the findings of ancient Yogic scientists. They predicted the existence of the quantum wave, for example. They called it the Spanda. They understood the cyclical nature of spacetime. They understood far more than can be delineated here, but all of it is in alignment with the observations of modern science.

The Sat Yoga Institute not only studies the findings of physics, astronomy, information theory, semiotics, chemistry, biology, psychoanalysis, and other modern disciplines, but also we integrate these disciplines with the findings related in the many ancient sutras of yogic science. We also study the esoteric significance of such traditional sciences as alchemy, astrology, and geomancy, as well as other forms of High Magick. We also are doing independent research to extend our knowledge of higher consciousness, to prove through experiment on ourselves the implications of Yogic theory.

Our clinical studies, applying the findings of Atmanology and pranic energy transmission, are leading to breakthroughs in the field of healing. Atmanology differs from other approaches to understanding the inner world of human consciousness. The recognition of the presence of the Atman as the intelligence that acts as director and cinematographer of our nightly dreams, among other functions, yields an entirely different understanding of the dynamics of mental processes. The Atman is the power that can alone dissolve psychic patterns and structures. Only by recognizing its activity and invoking its resonance, can transformational therapies succeed. On the other hand, pranic healing methods also invoke the Atman, in this case, for diagnosis and transmission of energy to others.

The Sat Yoga Institute differs from some other schools in maintaining a very high ethical standard for its students. Just as the ancient schools of Yoga demanded that initiates commit to fulfilling a variety of vows leading to psychic hygiene, intellectual development, character building, and dedication to the highest ideals, called the Yamas and Niyamas, our Institute similarly impresses on our students the necessity of leading a pure life dedicated to transcendence of the ego, at least if the highest outcome of the alchemical Yogic process is to be achieved.

The Sat Yoga Institute is dedicated to the Great Work, and is itself a work in progress. We are constantly developing new courses and engaging in new actions to accelerate individual spiritual development, as well as group service projects and community building. At present, we are an urban center, but we have acquired land to build a rural ashram (a Yogic monastery) combined with an artists’ colony and a permaculture ecovillage. We are gathering knowledge about agriculture, food preservation, herbology, land management, animal husbandry, waste disposal, energy production, architecture, and many other fields, in order to be able to create a self-sufficient, sustainable, transformational community. We welcome students with qualifications in those fields, if they also have a dedication to self-transformation through Sat Yoga. We need to build an ark before the floods begin in earnest. Time is short.

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