Sat Yoga Enrollment FAQ
faq-icon.png How to Join the Sat Yoga Institute and Become a Student
  • If I am interested in visiting and learning more about Sat Yoga, where do I start?

    We recommend that you read online more about the Sat Yoga philosophy and study some of our audio and video teachings. Once you feel informed, motivated, and resonate with our spiritual teachings, please call the Institute (2288-3294) and reserve a seat at one of our monthly open Satsangs.

    If you feel a strong calling to begin your participation as soon as possible, please call or email us to register for a Free Orientation.

  • What is a Satsang?

    Our Satsangs are an open house gathering to get to know the Sat Yoga Institute, meditate in a positive group energy field, ask questions about one's spiritual path, and explore the depths of wisdom we have inherited from all the world's great spiritual teachers. Satsangs are followed by a Prasad, a sacred offering of healthy, gourmet vegetarian refreshments from Radha's Kitchen.

  • What is an Orientation?

    In our Free Orientation Program you will have the opportunity to learn more about our Institute, and we to learn more about your potential interest in our school. This is the place where we will explore if this is the right time for you to start your transformational process at Sat Yoga.

    You will also learn about our philosophy, spiritual practices, ethical guidelines, class schedule, and if you are interested, you can apply to become a Student.

  • How can one become a student at Sat Yoga?

    You first need to take our Orientation Program and if interested you can apply to become a General Student.

  • What is a General Student?

    A General Student is one who has committed to attend at least once a week and is allowed to participate in any of our general classes and meditation sessions. Please refer to our online calendar to view the classes.

  • Can I come to any class if I have not applied as a General Student?

    You are welcome to reserve a seat in our monthly Satsangs, but in order to attend our general classes or meditation sessions you need to be enrolled as a General Student.

  • Why do we have an application process?

    We accept people of all backgrounds. But in order to be sure that people have sufficient emotional maturity and stability to deal with the information and higher energies they will encounter here, as well as the ethical motivation, and the intellectual capacity necessary to grasp and make use of the subtle concepts of Sat Yoga theory, we ask people to complete our application process.

  • What is the attendance policy for an Enrolled Student?

    Enrolled Students should attend to one or more of our classes at least once a week.

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