How to Join Sat Yoga

If you live in Costa Rica, we suggest you call the Institute (2288-3294) and reserve a seat at one of our monthly open satsangs. These are introductory open-house events that include guided meditation, a lecture on some aspect of Sat Yoga, followed by group discussion, and refreshments. The satsangs are free and open to everyone. (Click here to see when the next Satsang is).

You may also call to register for a free orientation. There you will learn our philosophy, spiritual practices, ethical guidelines, class schedule, and if you are interested, you can apply to become a student. We accept people of all backgrounds, but we need to be sure that people have sufficient emotional maturity and stability to deal with the information and higher energies they will encounter here, as well as the ethical motivation, and the intellectual capacity necessary to grasp and make use of the subtle concepts of Sat Yoga theory.

orientationOur Orientation consists of one individual meeting (of approx. 90 minutes) with a teacher-trainee of the Institute. This can be scheduled at your convenience. In this session we will explain to each participant the curriculum of our transformational school, as well as have a friendly dialogue to make sure that our school is accurate and useful for your current life-process. You will also be able to ask any questions you have about the process.

After you are accepted as a student, you can choose to participate as little or as much as you wish. All classes are open to everyone, with the exception of Advanced, Disciple, and Clinical study groups, which require permission from the Director. You will also be encouraged to participate in service projects, but it is completely voluntary. Our regularly scheduled classes (click here to see our monthly calendar) are all free of charge. Specific contributions are only asked for weekend seminars and individual counseling sessions (for which a sliding scale is offered), and nominal contributions are asked for other special events, such as Movie Nights, so we can continue acquiring new educational resources.

Nearly every month we offer an advanced weekend seminar or meditation intensive. We also schedule such events as Pranic Healing Circles, Pranayama classes, Asana classes, vegetarian cooking classes, and a growing number of other kinds of activities.

Those who live in other countries are invited to come here at any time of year for a private spiritual retreat of a week or more, in which you will receive personal instruction, be able to attend our classes, and have individual transformation sessions, if desired. These must be arranged in advance, subject to availability of space.

The Sat Yoga Institute is dedicated to serving all human beings who seek Self-realization, regardless of nationality, race, religion, or ethnicity. We invite all adults and adolescents who are interested to experience this community and spiritual approach for yourselves. Most classes are taught in English with simultaneous Spanish translation available. Some classes are taught in Spanish, with English translation available. Please contact us if you wish further information.

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