Sat Yoga Frequently Asked Questions
faq-icon.png How to Stay Connected with Sat Yoga´s Teachings and Community
  • Where can I find Sat Yoga´s online teachings?

    Stay connected with the current teachings from Shunyamurti. The teachings are uploaded weekly.

    Website teachings:         

    Youtube channe (video):  

    Podcast channel (audio): 

    Facebook page:                       search "Sat Yoga"

  • Do you have a Newsletter?

    Yes! Our monthly newsletter provides links to the latest Sat Yoga teachings of Shunyamurti directly to your in-box, an updated calendar of local events and international retreats, as well as other institute-related news. To sign up for our teaching newsletter, please click here.

  • What is your Ashram Blog?

    Our Sat Yoga Ashram Blog offers the latest happenings straight from our ashram press! Read and injoy the ongoing unfoldments of this sacred and noble project.

  • What is The Transformational Imperative?

    The Transformational Imperative is Sat Yoga´s first publication. It was beautifully written by the director and founder of our Institute, Shunyamurti, and we refer to it regularly. It is available for sale at our Institute or on

    The Transformational Imperative represents the culmination of the “perennial philosophy.” It succeeds in uniting all spiritual traditions with the insights of contemporary science and the many varieties of transpersonal and psychoanalytic theory. The penetrating logic of the profound ideas brilliantly stated in this book will bring readers through their own awakening and illumination to final transcendence of the limits of ego-consciousness. In one breathtaking essay after another, Shunyamurti rips away the veils of illusion and reveals the underlying meaning of our lives. This masterful work re-founds human culture on the true Ground of our Being, preparing the way for a planetary renaissance of consciousness.

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