Sat Yoga Frequently Asked Questions
faq-icon.png Karma Yoga (Egoless Service)
  • What is karma yoga?

    Karma Yoga is egoless action. General Students are invited to contribute to the growth of our community through voluntary service.

  • How can I apply to do karma yoga?

    To sign up to help with Karma Yoga please contact Sarasawati at

  • What type of karma yoga could I do?

    Karma Yoga involves transcribing or editing teachings, engaging in other service projects, setting up the meditation hall for classes, or working at the ashram. If you have any special skills that may be valuable to the community, and time and energy that you would like to offer, we would want you to please let us know. All students are warmly invited to be karma yogis.

  • Can I participate in your seminars and events in exchange for karma yoga?

    Students who have a sincere limited budget are invited to talk to our event coordinator for work-exchange opportunities.

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