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faq-icon.png Atmanology and Individual Sessions
  • What is Atmanology?

    Atmanology is a spiritual process intended to lead to the transformation and transcendence of the ego, through realization of the Supreme Self. The process is informed not only by the understanding of Advaita and the insights of Zen, but also by contemporary philosophic, psychoanalytic, and archetypal approaches to the inner realms.

  • What are the Atmanology sessions?

    Atmanology sessions are private individual sessions for those who wish an accelerated path to Self-realization with a qualified spiritual guide.

  • Why is it so important to do inner-work?

    When individual Atmanology sessions (inner-work) are pursued intensively and consistently, in tandem with a regular meditation practice, pure diet, and disciplined practice of asanas and pranayama, breakthroughs into higher states of essential Being can be attained rapidly—and sustained throughout life. It is our birthright to be able to gain such liberation from egoic baggage and live to our full potential. Why wait?

  • How long does an individual session last?

    An individual session lasts approximately 50 minutes.


  • Who will facilitate the individual sessions?

    Individual sessions are facilitated by Shunyamurti and by other trained atmanologists.

  • Is there a fee for individual sessions?

    General Students who request or undergo individual sessions are asked to pay a specific fee per session.

    If you are engaging in individual sessions, we ask that you show up on time, and that you give 24 hours notice if you cannot attend a session, or else we ask you to pay for the missed session.

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