Sat Yoga Frequently Asked Questions
faq-icon.png Fees and Contributions
  • Is there a charge for our classes and events?

    Our Institute is part of a non-profit association.  Most of our classes are free and fully based on love offerings (voluntary donations / karma yoga), but in order to be able to continue to serve and offer more classes in the future we depend on the generosity of our community.

  • Do we have any classes with a recommended donation fee?

    All our regularly scheduled classes are free of charge, but in order to make sure we can pay our bills and thus continue to serve, we offer special events such as seminars, movie nights, and meditation intensives, in which we ask for suggested donations. But people with a sincere financial limitation are invited to talk to our event director for a possible scholarship.

  • How can I give a love offering (donation)?

    If interested in learning how you can give a love offering (donation), please contact us directly.

  • Why give a love offering?

    The growth of our community depends on love offerings. All offers of help, of time, energy, funding, specific item donations, and general blessings, are all gratefully appreciated. This is your global spiritual community. Let us together make it a wonderful refuge of light and love.

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