What is Atmanology?

Modern Western psychology fails to be able to effect transformation in most cases because it lacks the central concept of Sat Yoga: the Atman. The Atman has been incorrectly defined as the soul. Unfortunately, the word soul carries a great deal of baggage from religious traditions that obscure our understanding of what is at stake.

Atman is the noetic field of pure awareness in which the ego-identity, symbolic communication, and the systemic unconscious all take root at what become different levels of consciousness. The Atman is energy, imagination, and natural intelligence that have not been filtered through the lens of duality imposed by language and the phantasizing processes of the subconscious ego. The Atman is the original Self, the Real Self, that becomes primordially repressed once the ego comes into possession of the consciousness in infancy.

Atman remains in communication with ego-consciousness through the medium of dreams. The capacity to interpret dreams increases the power of the ego-Self axis, and permits the atmic energies to replenish the ego-consciousness. When this communication is cut off, the ego tends to become gradually more pathological. The Atman can be cut off from consciousness by the internalization of a too-severe paternal superego, to use Freudian terms. It can also be smothered by a too-close enmeshment with the maternal superego.

The Sat Yoga Approach has reconfigured the useful elements from the misguided sciences of psychology and psychoanalysis into the new discipline of Atmanology, restoring the essential role of the Atman as the engine and aim of psychological growth, and developing a new methodology of working not only with the defenses, signifiers, and unconscious phantasms that produce pathology, but through creating a healing noetic energy field in which the Atman can safely emerge and transform its own ego structure to serve its essential nature in a truly transparent and devoted way. By recognizing the existence of higher states of Being beyond the ego, and understanding the pathways of reaching them (known in Yogic terms as the science of raising Kundalini), the Atmanologist can act as an effective guide to midwife the rebirth into consciousness of the Atman, or the God within.

When individual Atmanology sessions are pursued intensively and consistently, in tandem with a regular meditation practice, pure diet, and disciplined practice of asanas and pranayama, breakthroughs into higher states of essential Being can be attained rapidly—and sustained throughout life. It is our birthright to be able to gain such liberation from egoic baggage and live to our full potential. Why wait?

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