About Sat Yoga

Sat Yoga is a way of achieving peace of mind, an enduring serenity that persists even when one is under severe pressure. Sat Yoga is the ancient knowledge of how to access the latent powers of our inmost essence. Sat Yoga thus offers to humanity the secret of how to live in a state of grace.

The practice of Sat Yoga benefits not only one’s mental and emotional state of being. It can also produce miraculous healing effects in the body. And one who lives in the highest state of consciousness that emerges through the practice of Sat Yoga can be a powerful facilitator of healing for others, even at great distances.

Moreover, Sat Yoga gives one the ability to understand oneself and others more accurately and empathically. It yields greater emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills, enables one to deepen one’s rapport with others, to create harmony and cooperation among people, to give hope to those in despair, and to calm those in anxiety. It gives the ability to create and sustain community.

Those who practice Sat Yoga will discover deeper meanings to the word ‘love’. You will become more loving in all your relationships, and at the same time more able to maintain boundaries and avoid unhealthy enmeshments. Sat Yogis become better partners, better parents, more productive workers, and more creative agents of positive change.

Sat Yogis learn to think outside the box, to resolve problems by shifting generally accepted paradigms and receiving inspiration from within. You can learn how to download astonishing new information and wholistic concepts that precipitate from higher planes of consciousness.

Sat Yoga increases the ability to concentrate; it lengthens one’s attention span. It enables one to think more clearly and presciently, to make connections that others would not think of, to relate experiences more coherently, and most important, to respond to every situation with wisdom, courage, and resolve.

Sat Yoga will lead to your being happier—and you will make others happier, as well. You will enjoy your life more, and be more creative and ingenious in everything you do. You will love the new power of your mind to understand the universe, and to feel at one with everything and every being.

Sat Yoga, in short, will revolutionize your life. It offers you the power to achieve greatness. It is a direct path to reach your maximum potential. Sat Yoga will make your life more meaningful and wonderful than you ever thought possible.

Nonetheless, Sat Yoga is not for the faint-hearted. It is a process of inner transformation designed for those who desire to face reality at every level, including the most inconvenient truths. Sat Yoga confers the power to dissolve one’s inner demons and weaknesses and attain self-mastery. Sat Yoga explains how to overcome negative and obsolete conditionings. It guides you to release addictions, compulsions, fears, negative self-images, and immature behavior patterns. Sat Yoga is ultimate empowerment. It is the path that leads to the liberation of your inner Spirit and the purification and transcendence of your ego. It leads to nothing less than the realization of God.

The first phase of Sat Yoga begins with what we call Awakening. In this stage, one comes to recognize what is happening at every level of one’s being. One becomes aware of both the lower repressed unconscious levels of the mind and the higher archetypes and super-conscious potentialities.

The second phase of Sat Yoga is called Illumination. This involves learning how to enter into higher states of consciousness and to merge into the inner light. This leads to being able to download the pure love energy of the Divine Presence into the bodymind. A current of such blissful energy will then run through the entire body, raising the level of life energy in the cells, recharging the battery of the brain, dissolving the blockages created by past traumas, and re-wiring the brain to activate its higher centers and make available to you your full latent potentials.

In the third phase, called Liberation, awareness transcends ego-consciousness and becomes fully attuned to the Cosmic Intelligence. The individual identity melts into oneness with the Absolute. This leads to utter freedom and eternal union with God. Life thenceforth is lived in God-consciousness and every moment is sheer delight.

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